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  1. Have you found some one to help you with this, yet?
  2. Hey guys, We have a few select Diablo and Gallardo items that we want to move to make more room. We will be selling these items at a super sale price in order to help move them ASAP. PM me for insane savings! Items include the SL style wing and side skirts, Diablo gurney flap, and Diablo side seat panels.
  3. This is true. The carcass NT01 uses provides better grip than the R888's and R888R's.
  4. Hey folks, Alex and I just found out about this issue this morning. We're extremely sorry for the problem ya'll are experiencing and for not noticing the problem earlier. We're in touch with our IT contact to look into this. And yes, we know it's been a LONG time, we'll also be looking into a few options for giving LP a new look. Again, we are very sorry. To have new and long-time LP members be frustrated with the forum is not what we want and we promise to get this sorted and better. Thanks.
  5. Instant Pot is the fcuking jam! Used to wait 4 hours to make beef dips in the Crock Pot. Now takes an hour with the Instant Pot. Life changing, man.
  6. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    x16 white XXL "Hit It" shirts left.
  7. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    For those of you who are 2XL and cannot wait, my shipping department found a lost stash of white "Hit It" shirts in 2XL. And x16 of these ones: Again, these are in WHITE and 2XL's only. If you want to purchase, PM me with your Paypal address so I can send you a Paypal invoice for payment. $15 (each) shipped in the lower 48 states. Thanks.
  8. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    We’re working with the printing company on various t-shirt samples. A lot of people in the past has complained about the t-shirts being heavy and thick. So we’re trying different t-shirt samples and ink opacity that will work best with the print design on a softer t-shirt.
  9. David@SPE

    Lambopower shirts

    The Lambo "Hit it" t-shirts has been brought up in a meeting with Alex not too long ago. A green light for a new batch will be set in our calender's soon.
  10. "Dad Turns His Son’s Drawings Into the Most Hilarious Reality Ever" https://brightside.me/creativity-art/dad-tu...;utm_medium=cpm
  11. I've been meaning to make this post a few months back. But with the restructuring of our website and being heavily packed and busy with other tasks around the office, I haven't been able to update the blog consistently in almost 7 months. For today's article, as cliche as it may sound, it's better late than never. In March of 2015, Wilson's life ended as he fell victim to a deadly street racing crash as an innocent bystander in Chatsworth, CA. The news was quick to spread the morning of and we didn't know how to react. We were all dumbfounded in a terrible way. It still boggles my mind till this very day of how he had just came to SP about a week prior to pick up his GT-R when we had finished his SPE1300R upgrade and to hear of the horrible news a week later. *shrugs* If my memory serves me right, Wilson first came to SP in 2012 for some small aftermarket upgrades. It didn't occur to us till recently that he was an absolute car nut and had a handful of other cool cars at home and even at other shops getting built during the same time we were upgrading his SPE power package. Again, if memory serves me right, Wilson pulled the trigger on our SPE950R package back in 2013. After being satisfied with the power and liability, he upgraded to our SPE1000R package a year later. If there's one thing that Wilson was really good at, I'd say he was good at being indecisive. Haha. I say that because shortly after upgrading to our SPE1000R, he came back and wanted more power. We all thought he was insane. But, we had to give the man what he wanted and we were happy to help. Wilson also started concentrating on interior details as well as the exterior of the vehicle. He opted for a few carbon pieces by CarbonTek, a Willall shift light and a MINE's steering wheel. The 18" Advan GT's were magical on Wilson's GT-R. It looked right at home mated with M&H drag radial tires. Shortly after we had finished tuning his GT-R to 1300whp, Wilson bit the bullet on the RPS carbon-carbon brake kit for that extra stopping power he'd be needing at the drag strip. The RPS carbon-carbon brake kit sheds some serious weight! It's incredibly light and bites hard when up to temperature. And they look cool as hell. Wilson was a good man. Very humble, kind hearted and was never afraid to ask questions on something he wasn't sure of and would contstantly apologize when he'd think his questions are dumb. We're extremely sad that he was never able to fully enjoy his upgraded package to the fullest. RIP Wilson Wong & Eric Siguenza. Thanks for looking.
  12. Whoops! Apologies for the late response. But no, sorry. Do not have.
  13. David@SPE

    The LP Coffee. House

    For anyone grinding their own coffee beans, any recommendations on an affordable electrical conical burr grinder? Been grinding my own coffee beans with a manual conical burr grinder for a year now and man, it's a pain in the ass now. Lol.
  14. If installing on a non SL, drilling to the factory rocker is required. Pretty straight forward job, though. See below for a video link.
  15. We received a couple more SL wings today! Who's looking to buy themselves a neat Christmas gift?!
  16. A few days ago, Alex (TURBOALEX), the SPE crew, family and friends lost a very good friend. It really is true when they say to cherish the ones you love because you'll never know what will happen tomorrow. Murphy was a great friend. "You watch my back, I'll watch your back" kind of guy. We're all still at a lost of words, and there's nothing much else to say but to enjoy the pictures below. A few words from Alex: Very sad day for me…… this is to my very best friend and my brother……………… 一路好走!! Rest in peace, Murphy.
  17. Hey friends! We have 4 Superleggera wings in stock!!! $3150 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states! PC: UGR Contact me!
  18. Hey folks, As ya'll know, we're your number 1 source for RevoZport items. Please don't hesitate to ask for a price quote! Here we have the recently released Razmig line for YOUR Huracan. It's pretty sweet. Pull that credit card out. Razmig Front Splitter MSRP $2900 Razmig Front Canard MSRP $690 Razmig Front Fender Vent MSRP $690 Razmig Intake Side Vent MSRP $1500 Razmig GT Spoiler MSRP $3000 RevoZport is also coming out with a rear diffuser and rear diffuser with active panel soon under the Razmig line. Stay tuned for that. For pricing, please PM or email me (best way) at [email protected] All items are made to order and typically take 6-8 weeks for production plus an additional week for packaging and shipping. So who's ready to purchase? - David
  19. For any of you Lambo owners w/ GT-R's, we can help! Preventative maintenance is extremely important whether your car is bone stock or a 2000 HP fire breathing monster. Dealerships often charge a premium for anything GT-R related, so we offer an alternative solution to the members here on Lambopower. Whether you're looking to do just an oil change or a full brake job, we've got you covered! COMPLETE FLUID SERVICE Mobil 1 Fluid Service: $950.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Mobil 1 0W40 - OEM Nissan Oil Filter - OEM Nissan Crush Washer - Motul DCTF - Motul FF Comp 75W140 - Labor Motul Fluid Service: $980.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Motul 300V 0W40 - OEM Nissan Oil Filter - OEM Nissan Crush Washer - Motul DCTF - Motul FF Comp 75W140 - Labor * LIMITED TIME OFFER FOR ALL GT-R OWNERS! * Receive a FREE red TiTek magnetic drain plug with purchase of any full fluid service listed above. Special ends 09/30/16. BRAKE SERVICE The GT-R comes with excellent brakes from the factory, but over time like anything they will lose their effectiveness. Restore your GT-R's braking performance to better than new with our full brake service! Full Brake Service: $3450.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Alcon HD Rotors - Project Mu B-Force (Endless MX72, + $100.00) - Motul RBF600 - Labor Brake Fluid Flush: $150.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Motul RBF600 - Labor ENGINE SERVICE Engine Oil Change: $95.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Mobil 1 0W40 (Other fluid options available at an additional charge) - OEM Nissan Oil Filter - OEM Nissan Crush Washer - Labor Power Steering Flush: $150.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Redline High Temp ATF - Labor Radiator Flush: $180.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Distilled Water - Redline Water Wetter - Labor TRANSMISSION SERVICE Transmission Oil Change: $650.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Motul DCTF - Labor DIFFERENTIAL SERVICE Differential Oil Change (F+R): $250.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Motul FF Comp 75W140 - Labor DID YOU KNOW? Arguably the greatest feature of the R35 GT-R is the DCT. Split second shifts come at a price however. And in the case of the DCT that price is a whopping $13,999.99 for a new replacement. That's 13,999 reasons to make sure you keep your transmission oil and filters in tip top shape! The DCT has two filters that require regular maintenance; The cylinder filter and the pan filter. SP Engineering is the only place where you can find both OEM brand new filters in stock, and our techs recommend that they be changed out every 8k to 16k miles (depending on power levels and driving habits). * Purchase of the 2 OEM transmission filters is optional and NOT included in the price of any of the fluid services. OEM Cylinder Filter: $150.00 + tax OEM Pan Filter: $210.00 + tax SUSPENSION SERVICES As you all may know, there has been an issue with 2015+ GT-R owners voicing out complaints with the Swift Spec-R springs ride quality. Months of bad results lingered on and caught Swift Springs' attention. Enough so to re-design new springs with new spring rates to accommodate the change of the 2015+ Bilstein struts. Swift Sport Springs (2015+) Installation: $895.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Swift Sport Spring (#4N912 for 2015+) - Labor TIRE SERVICES Toyo R888 285 & 315: $1675.00 + tax Pricing includes: - Toyo R888 285/35/20 (x2) - Toyo R888 315/30/20 (x2) - TMPS - Mount & Balance * Please note: All prices are subject to CA tax. Prices listed are subject to change at anytime. Please call / PM / email for up to date prices, inventory, and shop schedule.
  20. Hey folks, As some may know, our website has been down for a very, very long time. But let's not get into that debacle. With our blog being tied into the website and the website being pretty much nonexistent, we've decided to post some blog posts on here to share with you guys and to keep you guys in the loop of what we've been up to. Sometime last year, we were approached by a gentleman by the name of David Haagsma. David is a 23 yr old professional ATV champion with a mindset not only to have fun, but to have fun winning. Last September, David chose our SPE800R package. The SPE800R package is a revolution of our SPE750 package which became extremely popular after our appearance on Jay Leno's Garage in 2012. Boy, how time flies. Anyway, the SPE800R package features an SPE Spec custom 3.8L long block mated with our fully machined IHI billet turbos. More details on the package will be available to the public once our site is up and running. Let us begin when David dropped his GT-R off for the SPE800R build. Our techs immediately began tearing everything down. Our engine builder works so fast that we missed the engine assembly! Sucks for the viewers, but great for us! Haha. Motor back in! Due to our upgraded race intercooler being much larger than stock, modifications had to be done to the Phoenix Power bumper. Fancy JRZ's and Phase2 arms were installed during the time the engine was being assembled. The ugly and uncomfortable CBA seats were replaced with a pair of Sparco seats with help from Sabelt harness' to keep David sturdy and safe while out on the track. It was September 18th, 2015 when we stayed at the shop until 10pm-ish to deliver David's GT-R for him to attend RD4 of GTA (Global Time Attack) at Willow Springs the following Sunday. On the Monday after, David greeted us with great news, taking 1st place in the Limited AWD class. We then knew he was hooked and wanted to continue competing in the GTA series. David brought his GT-R back to us to have a few carbon goodies installed in time for GTA Super Lap Battle. At Super Lap Battle 2015, David set a base PB of 1:52.274. During SLB, David experienced a lot of understeer. To reduce this, he purchased a pair of PasswordJDM wide front fenders to run a square setup. 20x12 +20 and 315/30/20 in front looks gnarly! But hey! It doesn't stop there. Shortly after completing the fender install, David came back for more! For serious stopping power, David went with the RPS carbon-carbon brake rotor and pad setup. Just look at them! With the existing Phoenix Power front splitter bolted directly to the front bumper, it was not capable of high speeds on the track. The downforce of the splitter kept pulling/warping the front bumper down which resulted in the center duct to rip off completely. Because of this, a custom APR Performance carbon honeycomb splitter was made and our techs blueprinted a bracket system for it. While walking around the car, I noticed a small detail which I extremely enjoyed. David had a bodyshop mold the PasswordJDM bumper cap to the Phoenix Power bumper. With this current setup, David recently attended RD1 of GTA at Buttonwillow in March and took home first (Limited AWD Class), besting his time with a 1:49.415! Congrats again, David! Additional photo(s) courtesy of MCV Imagery: http://mcvimagery.smugmug.com/ Additional photo(s) courtesy of Motolyric: http://www.motolyric.com/ Please be sure to stay tuned because David dropped his car off with us again for more goods! Having 3 track days on the SPE800R package, we are very confident that this package is the best all around track package for those of you wanting to bump up your power with a built block at an affordable price. Thanks for looking!