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  1. That’s awesome, love the all white collection.
  2. That’s hot! The yellow on that car and the speed yellow on the old ford GTs are my favorites!
  3. Ok who has something new to show off, I’m day drinking during the LSU game and web surfing during all these damn replay timeouts.
  4. I also had an i8 and sold it after 9 months. The interior was woefully lacking. The doors were cool. The all electric mode was a joke.
  5. Looks like it all works now. I logged in with Chrome, saw the new banner, can see theme button on bottom right hand of page. Thanks Destructo!
  6. FWIW, I couldn't see the theme button using Chrome or Windows10 Edge unless I logged out and then scrolled to the bottom before signing in. So, right now I'm logged in/signed in using chrome and there's no theme button at the bottom. Same for the new banner pictures etc everyone is talking about, all I see is the forum topics.
  7. I was just there for CES and the most Vegasy dinner we had was Rose Rabbit Lie in the Cosmopolitan. Get the caviar tacos to start. There's a show during dinner where the performers sing, tap dance, break dance etc around the restaurant. Fun for a group.
  8. Id Keep filing the protest letters with the credit reporting agencies. Allege that they made the error / typo and not you and that you had good funds for the withdrawal. Sample letters: https://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/documents/092016_cfpb__CreditReportingSampleLetter.pdf And going in-person to your own bank and getting a human being on your side was good call. Perhaps try hitting up the CEO or other executive a la: https://www.thebillfold.com/2013/03/i-emailed-the-ceo-of-bank-of-america-to-fix-my-credit-score-and-he-did/
  9. Does anyone have some first hand experience on the Urus vs the Bentley Bentayaga? I’m looking at those, Land Rover, etc and was just wondering if anybody had some good first hand opinion. Not worried on the price, want something I can keep for 6+ years and feel good as a DD. Thanks!!
  10. jhbchess


    Spotted at Brasswood!
  11. This shit right here: https://www.amazon.com/Thrive-Rehydration-Recovery-Replenish-Electrolyte/dp/B079R9JBYQ/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1537659548&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=thrive+hangover&psc=1
  12. Thanks for the update! Is there a Facebook page that we can retreat to if it goes down again? A place where we can watch for the batsignal to tell us it's back up?
  13. Good group for detailing stuff https://www.youtube.com/user/MattMoreman https://www.facebook.com/groups/obsessedgarage/ https://www.obsessedgarage.com/ The YouTube page has step by step videos for the car detailing and products. Website has packages you can buy bulk or go amazon them yourself.
  14. This thread is ridiculously awesome. And effectively persuaded me not to get a Diablo because I couldn't do any of this! #knowyourlimits
  15. The mclaren dealer in Houston said they’re taking $10k USD deposits to get on the list and then if you receive an allocation they want another $10k. First deposit is fully refundable if you don’t get a spot. The car piqued my interest! It’s exciting to look at.
  16. Are those seats same as the Senna? I like the up top exhaust! Very wild. Thoughts on pricing?
  17. amazing attention to detail! thanks for sharing the pics and the journey.
  18. jhbchess


    Time to scour the news clippings...
  19. I absolutely love the side stripe design on this one-off Huracan given to the Pope! I prefer it to the tricolor side stripe. Full set of pics here: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/MC18/Mon...erm=auctionpage Shortened link tomsothebys page: https://bit.ly/2MxJIvP
  20. Mods on a car are like adding a pool to your house. You do it for you. You don’t get your money back when you sell.
  21. I just saw this on the lamborghini club houston page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/lamboclubhou). More pics on the fb page. I think I'd need to see it in action.
  22. Congrats guys! The cars look great, the purple is CRAZY. I'd like to see it parked under the tree in Fortis' house. :)
  23. I have some cookbooks he autographed, have been cooking out of them since th news. Next up is Cote de boeuf, French fries, and burgundy.
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