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  1. I run Fort Knox and am very happy 3 so far no issues.
  2. This is a sad event but how many cars do we see street race at tx2k and there is no back lash for them racing. I get people died but seems like everyone is forgetting all the tt lambos from this forum we watch race bikes etc and no one condemns them.
  3. It's just the green tip m855/ss109 and not all 5.56 ammo. Still crap but not a surprise. They changed the rules on the sig brace too.
  4. Yup I'm having no luck with the ford dealers I have spent several 100k with to lock down 3 at msrp cash deals. So far I'm being told 50k over what msrp is. My friends and I are still on the hunt. If this car is 200-225k will b a good sale and price point. I have heard rumors of 300-400k msrp which seems too high.
  5. If they could make the R8 this fast would be a great car for sure.
  6. Cool cars, it is the real fast and furious over there.
  7. Looks cool but I wouldn't by from local Abq dealer. Much better CS and dealer from dealers in AZ and CO.
  8. Have carried benchmade infidel as Dalit knife with dress clothes and it's perfect. Cost is $400 but sharp and fires quick for a DA otf knife.
  9. I heard evoms had a tune exhaust good for 70-80hp but would like to see if that's true.
  10. CGT did much better than I thought and seemed to give up a little on each shift which is expected. Great races for sure but I thought aventador would have been faster. Any races with CGT and lambo?
  11. I thought the titek race was 102mm is this a different version? How do the spec springs change the ride and how much of a drop do they add. Looks really good, great work.
  12. I am on my 2nd one. 30k miles so far and no issues. Great truck, rides great and is a blast. Only tows 8k though. If you need to tow get a 250/350 if not get the raptor. Great truck, rides smooth and can off road!
  13. Nice numbers. So stock exhaust? Did you swap mid pipes? Any power to be gained with new exhaust? Also was this the spe650 or 650 plus kit? Gains look great and they knocked it out fast. Enjoy
  14. Price for white and black in large shipped to 87111 thanks.
  15. ESS is who tuned it. They send you the tuner etc. They claim 50hp/60lbft gain. Had kleemann tune the 997tt and they stayed pretty close and kleemann claims the same gains for the 997tt.
  16. Just a tune on 91 pump gas. I will post some vids of it racing a 2008 997tt cab 6spd tuned as well. The pcar has issues from a dig as well. Even from a roll the pcar has a hard time with the M. We raced them stock and pcar would win by 1/2 car maybe a full once we hit 100mph.
  17. Race from a dig went to 90mph, race from a roll started low 35mph and shut down by 100mph.
  18. Sorry for the bad video quality. Just incase you ever wanted to know what a 550whp CTS V could do vs a tuned X5M from a dig, here is the answer.
  19. No just a stock xp900. 875cc of NA power cranking out 88hp at the crank. Funny how something with so little power can make you smile. I will have video of a turbo charged xp900 doing the same race next weekend and also running the stock xp900. We will even vbox these things. Should be 140hp with turbo.
  20. Just having fun in a stock rzr xp900 drag racing a ford raptor with intake and tune. Must admit Rzr can move out from a dig.
  21. We run 6 of the HM Aerons and they are great. Think the fully adjustable models are around 800$ but well worth it.
  22. Alan was that the spe750 gtr or a bigger package?
  23. My kleemann sl65 tuned by Cory at kleemann USA made 605whp and 920wlbft on 101 gas and the tranny was holding fine. The 325's on the back were not hooking for crap though. I know a few shops are now seeing 700whp out of the sl65's but I am sure the traction is the main issue again. I wonder if you can apply some old school muscle car tech to the slr and just port the blower for some extra power?
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