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Audi R8 V10+ Inbound

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I have been lusting over the LP-570 since before I even bought my GT-R 4 years ago. It has been my dream car since it came out. So last fall I sold the GT-R and have been looking for the perfect 570 since and as I'm sure many on this forum are well aware the clean ones with CCB's and bucket seats are getting harder and harder to come by. Not to mention I was looking for one TT'd which makes things even harder.


PCJR(Pete) on this forum has always told me how much he loves his R8 and assured me I would not be disappointed. Within a few days of searching I found this car in California spec'd just to my liking.

The cherry on top was the car has full body xpel PPF, ceramic coating, lowering springs, and GMG cat back exhaust.


I'm very grateful for this car and will enjoy it but I still plan on joining the lambo club with an LP-570 one day.


I should have it in 7-10 days, here are some pictures.











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Awesome car! Congrats!


New ones like that beauty would be a stretch for me right now, but I have been casually eyeing the older R8 V10 market for a while. It seems like they are incredible cars. Years ago I drove the V8 version and loved it, but have always wanted to try a 6-speed V10.


If you are potentially bottom-feeding the entry level exotic market with cars like 2004-2006 Gallardo's, the fact that you can get a very clean 2009-2012 R8 V10 (which seems like it is basically a de-tuned/re-skinned LP560 with better tech, better interior, etc) for almost the same money is tempting! When the time comes, it will be a tough decision.

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Man talk about pressure :icon_mrgreen:


I know you are going to love it and what a great

deal it was! Look forward to delivery pictures.



I'll post some when I get it, but I might be out of town for delivery


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Thanks Fadi. Hearing your car might be a bad influence on me right now. :icon_mrgreen:



You going to the M1 C&C event on the 28th? If so, keep me posted. I can meet you there.

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