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  1. What an awesome car, glad to see taking her out again!
  2. Please tell me you have pictures of this award
  3. I think you'll find there are some good people still here. We don't have the numbers we used too (not many do) but we do have the longevity and when I have some more time to focus, so more great stuff planned for the site. This is a passion-project now. We'll be around.
  4. Yeah, other sides are still active and more so than ours, but we'll be around. I still think the quality of what we have here is better. Maybe it's because I know the people and like them more
  5. Would be cheaper to buy a truck and trailer, and run a few times for yourself and others at this point Worst case you've got a good side business and it pays for the truck and trailer in no time!
  6. Check with the guys at SP Engineering in City of Industry. They should know who is good and who to avoid. https://www.sp-power.com/philosophy
  7. You'll never go wrong listening to Cake. She knows her stuff better than most!
  8. The forum should pick up the link and automatically embed it into the post.
  9. What did you get tired of with the 640? I'm guessing it seems ancient compared to the Superfast. Beautiful car BTW, care to share any pics of it?
  10. I appreciate this takes a lot of time and hard work, but what a waste.
  11. I could see you having one in your stable, but it couldn't be the only one. As pretentious as that sounds lol In all seriousness, i wouldn't be comfortable having it as my only fun car considering the reliability issues. BUT if I had a few others I could count on, then absolutely.
  12. Any more issues on this one? After reading I was thinking similar, that there wasn't an issue. Have you tested it after being on a tender for a while?
  13. McLaren is best of both worlds, old and new. Old because it's unreliable and breaks all the time, and new technology and fancy-pants speed! You solved your own quandary!
  14. Time to invest in more vintage units?
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