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  1. Photos, videos, and some locally stored music all take up a lot of space. Also, PDFs/documents for business. I'm not using all of my 128GB on my current phone but it's nice to have the extra room! I own a video production company so we're always reviewing files, showing finished videos to clients, etc. We can stream most of them but it helps to have some local storage too.
  2. 7 Plus 128GB in Black (not Jet Black) my delivery date is 9/23. I also got the Apple Watch Series 2 and that delivers by 9/30.
  3. Great ending to a sad story. My girlfriend and I just rescued a GSD/hound mix found abandoned in a park. He's less than a year old, was severely underweight, infested with fleas, had four different kinds of worms, etc. When we brought him home, he wouldn't look at anyone, didn't move any more than necessary, zero energy or playfulness. He was very skittish at any sounds or movements and mostly wanted to be left alone. A couple of weeks later, after a lot of food, regular walks, many trips to the vet, meds etc, he's starting to turn the corner and behave like a normal dog. He's very well behaved and has been a great addition to our lives. It's hard to imagine that anyone would not want to keep him or at least give him a chance at life with a shelter.
  4. We should at least see a photo of the new car on here!
  5. From the Columbus Cars and Coffee meet on Saturday. These two colors look unreal next to each other!
  6. Amazing. History and history in the making.
  7. Shit...I should be buying this car. GLWS!
  8. GLWS but where is the post about the new car? congrats!
  9. I fly an Inspire 1 with a micro 4/3 camera on a regular basis. Large birds love to mess with it! Hawks, buzzards, etc are always circling it or diving at it. As for the countermeasures mentioned earlier in the thread, it would be pretty difficult to physically stop a drone if it's at 200 feet. You might get lucky with a shotgun or rifle if it is hovering in place or flying slowly. The most effective countermeasures would be RF interference in my opinion. I think that's what secure sites will start to do. If you can find my controller frequency, you can probably jam it, or maybe even take control of the aircraft. So far, I haven't had any problems with flights causing conflict with other people and I have flown in 10+ states within the last 8-10 months. There's a lot of hype about this but, like active shooters, the occurrence rate is much lower than you'd think based on the attention it receives.
  10. That is stunning Roy! GLWS
  11. He looks like a great dog. Congrats!
  12. I've always subscribed to the "you win $2 every time you don't play" mentality so I limit myself to 1-2 large jackpots per year. I'm in a group buy with some of the cars and coffee guys here in Columbus. We have the same attitude as RobberBaron; it is inexpensive fun. The chances of winning are essentially zero but we will have about 80 chances to win as a group. I've heard about company pools with thousands of tickets and notarized spreadsheets tracking who bought in, etc.
  13. As I watched Making a Murderer, I kept thinking about this YouTube video: Don't Talk to Police If you have already seen it, watch it again, it's invaluable information. If you have not already seen it, watch immediately!
  14. I was just telling my family about this over Christmas! Some of my girlfriend's family is from Wisconsin and they said nobody they know does this.
  15. I look forward to this thread every year -- another job well done! You're an asset to your community and we can all learn from your example.
  16. Merry Christmas all! And a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year ahead!
  17. +1 I started it today...I'm trying not to finish it today.
  18. Yeah, this might cut off the protests against police brutality. "TWELVE OFFICERS SHOOTING?!?!"
  19. ATF says rifles used in San Bernardino shooting were illegal If you're someone who thinks gun laws matter at all to people like this, the rifles used in the SB shooting were not legal according to the ATF. Edit: Paris is another prime example. They definitely weren't legal there either.
  20. Hope you didn't take any "assault weapons" with you...
  21. Any time we can remove barriers to lawfully armed people having the chance to defend themselves and others, that's a step in the right direction. I like the suggestion that this program would override other bans and restrictions but the legal challenges of that would be numerous and would take a lot of time and money to get through. Unfortunately, SCOTUS neglected to hear a case appealing a local "assault weapons" ban today, thereby creating the likelihood that more local governments will enact assault weapons bans. This will mean nothing to the spree killers of the world, of course, but that's how these things work. I'm glad to live in Ohio where we have a law which says that no local law can be more restrictive than the state law. We won't be dealing with this nonsense here.
  22. But...but that's illegal!!!
  23. Suspect is apparently state employee?
  24. Explosion reported at suspect residence. Edit: Also reported as "loud bang," possibly controlled detonation to neutralize stuff inside the house.
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