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  1. Breaking down is part of the Mclaren ownership experience. The British car club I was in had a traveling award for that…it was passed around A LOT.
  2. @Lambocars Dare I hope, do you have a config for the Ultimae yet?
  3. I dropped off for awhile… was just inactive in the whole car scene for a bit due to pandemic interruptions. Ramping back up (slowly) now. And I had a similar concern as the OP. This forum has been a really great place for owners, lifestyle and car info. FB/IG and similar platforms are nightmares for finding info and more about the flex and followers. I hope it or the other lambo forum gains steam again. With the number of cars changing hands this year and the hot market, I’d think these forums would be hopping. It can’t all be the instafamous crowd Not surprisingly the wine and whiskey
  4. There was a member who said they have an allocation for an SVJR 63. Nothing in writing. Rumor has it that it will show up at Quail during Monterey car week.
  5. That’s awesome. Congrats! You definitely should go to Monterey now!
  6. My eyes!!! I’ll never be able to unsee that.
  7. Couldn’t help smiling at this one. Right on the mark!
  8. Definitely a bit cheeky. But talk about playing your cards... if someone wants one, this is the only one to be had. That’s creative exclu$ivity. Personally I think the coupe # to the US was lower than expected. And I know a few others dropped this, but I’m hearing it too... the SVJR allocation is significantly lower than the coupe.
  9. The S Roadster in Rosso Efesto is the current ride. But just confirmed the SVJR, so now it’s a waiting game. Here’s some other pics of the Nero Pegaso.
  10. I’m behind on posting these. Here’s just the Aventadors from the past couple years the little bull with the big bull
  11. The S is great... RWS makes a big difference for city driving and parking. Unlike my previous Av I don’t feel like I’m docking a yacht when I go to park. It’s as nimble as my DD. Personally I like the look of the fangs and the ability to raise and lower the rear wing. It’s less Hotwheels factor, and more of a refined supercar.
  12. Phenomenal!!! Outstanding work, I can only imagine the extra effort you have to put into this because you aren’t on the Lambo payroll and have to create this stuff from scratch.
  13. So for those that go on Rally drives... what are the essentials to take? Not talking about packing for yourself personally. Wondering what gear has been a lifesaver, a backup plan or just makes the trip easier on those types of drives.
  14. Gorgeous!! If you are ready to move on.... well do it. Life is about opportunity and experience so seize it. You have a gorgeous car, that’s manual... seriously there is just something emotional about a manual car that’s intrinsic to the driver experience and missing today. It’s not the fastest, but damn I miss it. At the end of the day, you are either motivated to move on and take a profit or have a new experience. If it doesn’t check one of those boxes don’t do it. I sold a car I loved... regretted it a few days later, drove back to dealer to buy it back and literally pulled
  15. A classic that never fails to make me giggle and have people stare oddly at me Invalid Video Link
  16. Really nice!!! Looks like you have room for one more car ;)
  17. That is a sparkling clean garage! As shiny as the cars in it
  18. Honestly my Huracan has spoiled me... I love it. No question, I look forward to every time I take it out for a drive. It’s definitely not a performance or engineering downgrade! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I miss the doors and the lack of civility of the Aventador.
  19. Roadster, Rosso Efesto (I’m usually not a red fan, but it’s jaw dropping in person), Black diamond stitch with white accents throughout. I’ll post up pics and rest of the build in a different thread once I take delivery.
  20. I hear what you are saying, I’m already on my dealer’s list for the SVJ Roadster. But patience isn’t one of my virtues lol. And I don’t want to jump into an SV in the interim. I really like some of the updates on the S. I got spoiled with a few things in the Huracan and don’t want to give them up. Love the spec on this one. Basically I just talked myself into it lol.
  21. I’m thinking of getting an Aventador S Roadster, almost ready to pull the trigger, but pausing because I’m wondering why aren’t there more AVS owners popping up? It’s been out long enough I’d think there would be more chatter about it. By all accounts this model has some much needed improvements and my drives in it confirmed for me that I like it better than my ‘16 and it pulls in some things I love from the H. Is it the looming SVJ that has everyone on pause? Are AVS owners just incredibly shy? Or am I missing something about the S?
  22. I'll echo previous sentiments. Smaller than you expect on the inside. My opinion of Range Rover is admittedly biased... I had nothing but issues with my first one. Computer would shut it off in middle of freeway driving. Ridiculously unsafe. Had videos of the issue occurring, dealer and RR engineers couldn't resolve after 2months. It was returned under lemon law. But what a hassle and PIA. The 2nd was better. Glitches periodically here and there. Consistently both vehicles would get excessively hot on floor. Borderline burning hot. Wouldn't matter if heat was turned off. Especially near
  23. I prefer off the beaten path activities and avoiding large crowds. This happens to be one of my favorite on Maui and the easiest to explain how to find. On the road to Hana, luckily not too far into the drive is a small farm stand and a sign that says Twin Falls Farm Stand. It's private property but they allow the public, and a purchase or donation at the farm stand is appropriate. It gets some people but nowhere near the traffic of the public and more well known tourist hot spots. Parking can be problematic, it's not a big parking area. You walk behind the farm stand down the trai
  24. From the article, "The discounted membership will have all the perks associated with Prime, including free streaming video and music, free photo storage, access to the Kindle lending library, ability to shop from Amazon’s Essentials – the retailer’s low-cost line of everyday products, access to Prime Now (where available), and more." Go ahead, enable them to stay home and be a couch potato. Now they can get music and tv/movies for free. I could have understood if Amazon had applied it to EBT qualifying purchases, but this is an excessive marketing maneuver. I can't wait to see the entit
  25. Safety comments aside... a Spyder does not automatically bar you from taking it on a track. Maybe a bit more difficult to find a group/track to run with. The truly competitive will want the coupe, for obvious performance, safety and regulations. But some fun track time for enthusiasts isn't off the table for a Spyder.
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