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  1. No issues with heat warp. The pedals are offset on the Testarossa but not a big deal.
  2. Yes I understand the math. I personally would rather buy a $130k car that was a $300k car that at the end of the 4 year term is still worth $130k
  3. Im going to disagree with Ab. Even though I dont own a 512, I have a Testarossa and for me the Diablo is the more comfortable of the two to drive. In the Testarossa you adopt this weird seating position because the seat doesnt go far enough back. The Diablo trans, brakes, shifter etc are all better than the TR, although my Diablo is a 98 with power steering etc. That being said I previously owned two other Diablos, one a 92, and another 98. All my Diablos have been pretty much trouble free , whereas even if the Testarossa was just as trouble free, it would lose due to the belt service. On top of that, the Diablo is night and day in excitement to drive.
  4. Its a moronic lease. 48 months $2500 plus tax... 2500 miles a yr.
  5. Excuse me sir, this is a Lamborghini forum. Do you own any Lamborghini's?
  6. I have a Fabspeed on my Murcielago and I like it alot. My Diablo is custom.
  7. In my case, what I like about the Vette, is that Im really not a fan of any new cars, but I do sometimes miss the technology and performance of the new cars. This car could fill that void without spending a fortune, especially once they start leasing them for next to nothing. That way I can save money to buy more old cars.
  8. I was planning on going but as of now Im out.
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